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A modular kitchen involves array of cabinets and drawers, put together in a convenient way so that is easy for cooking, cutting vegetables and cleaning of utensils. This largely takes into consideration - the availability of spaces and also the built in appliances in a kitchen. In the current scenario in any modular kitchen a good suction chimney, a built in hob, a built in microwave, a built in oven and a built-in dish-washing machine is the need of the hour. 

Built in kitchen appliances are not even investments, are also a ways to perform with great efficiency, they also give a final touch to your modular kitchen. Choose only built in kitchen appliances of good reputed brands so that you know you have paid worth and bought effective built in appliances. One needs to decide built in kitchens appliances beforehand that is basically at the design stage. The designs and technology of kitchen appliances are other important factors that can help you in decision making. One can make customize their door panel of built-in refrigerators to match your cabinetry. 


Consider these specialty Built-in Kitchen appliances:

 Induction Cook tops - An induction cooker uses electricity to heat cooking vessels that are ferrous (made of iron or iron-based), as opposed to generating heat in the burner itself. The result is a process that is fast, precise and energy efficient. But because many Indian are not yet fully at ease with the technology for their Indian cooking, they are opting to experiment with a single domino built-in models or flexi versions.

 Steam Ovens - As people try to be health conscious, we are seeing more steam ovens being installed in new kitchens. Relying solely on super-heated steam to cook foods, these ovens require no fats, oils or other unhealthy additions when preparing a meal. About the size of a microwave—and built into a wall cabinet—these flexible appliances can steam fish and veggies, keep cooked foods warm and moist, and even proof bread dough.

 Warming Drawers - We have seen a big surge in warming drawers over the past few years in Gurgaon specially. These versatile appliances can keep food warm, one can even make curd, warm plates and coffee cups." With temperature settings that range between 80 to 260 degrees, the built-in warming drawer are priceless when there are dinner as they free up valuable space in the kitchen's built-in oven.

 Wine Chillers - With zones for both red and white wine, a dedicated wine chiller is designed to store your prized bottles at optimal conditions. Options run the gamut from freestanding units that hold a single case up to built-in appliances capable of stowing 150 bottles and more. Properly angled shelves, a digital thermostat, UV-protected glass, and even a door lock combine to keep your cellar gems safe.

 Built-in Coffee Machines - For people who love drinking a coffee, now you can literally have a cup of first-class coffee in your hands under a minute. Installed in a cabinet wall, built-in coffee makers grind, brew and serve hot coffee or cappuccino with the touch of a button. Most of the built in coffee machines have feature for frothing for cappuccinos and dispense hot water for green tea even hot milk is possible. One can even customize their coffee as per their want and can save the customization in the coffee machine. For people who love drinking a coffee, now you can literally have a cup of first-class coffee.

 Combi Micro -Ovens – these have been common in Europe for some time, but they are just starting to get popular here in India. By linking convection and microwave technology in one kitchen appliance, Combi Micro -Ovens can hugely reduce cooking times and save home energy consumption. While they may look like a conventional built-in microwave oven, they are far more versatile, able to bake, brown, grill, roast and even cook a meal to perfection.


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