A Dream Modular Kitchen That Works !!!

A modular kitchen comprises kitchen cabinets and  kitchen drawers which vary as per the scope of space, dishwashing machine, chimney, cooking range/stove, microwave oven, and washbasin. Wood, lacquer glass and laminates are used for the cabinets and shutters along with sturdy material like marbles or granite for the worktops.


As kitchens get smaller and cooking time gets shorter, snazzy modular kitchens with high-tech gadgets are becoming a craze. But designing a perfect Indian-kitchen can be quite a challenge.


Squeaky clean modern kitchens, beaming at us from magazines and television advertisements in all their straight-lined, shiny splendour, do make us drool. But in reality, for most of us, the word kitchen conjures up images of turmeric stains, dal on the wall and myriad other disasters. Don’t fret. With new materials and technology, you can now create your dream kitchen without worrying about permanent stains and cracks.


The Basics

“The kitchen should be functional, easy to use and ergonomically designed. The ‘U’ shape is the most optimal layout. Also important is the work triangle, or the distance between the hob, refrigerator and sink — the three most used areas. Ideally, the distance between the three should be 4-9 feet.


Choose the Mod Cons Carefully

Though steel remains a reliable material for sinks, new-age quartz sinks available in a multitude of colours are also relatively stainand scratch-proof. The electric chimney is a necessity in open kitchens — go for the self-cleaning models if you can. For the hob, the gas stove is an Indian favourite as it provides high heat, but even induction and electric hobs now have high-heat variants. Getting induction-ready utensils is also easy. If you can, build in your refrigerator and microwave oven as it gives the kitchen a much neater look.For the cabinet interiors, get rust-proof racks that can store all your pots, pans, woks, cookers, ladles and spoons. Foldable racks can help you increase storage space.


Keep it Functional & Attractive

Be careful while choosing the material for the floor, counter top, cabinets and the walls behind the counter. Make sure it is resistant to scratches, stains and heat.For the floor, you have a plethora of choices — from natural stone to hard wood. But for Indian kitchens, manmade tiles are the best as they are heat-resistant and easy to clean. For the counter top, granite is still a good option, but engineered stone — which has a high density of hardy quartz — is a great substitute.In today’s pea-sized apartment kitchens, cabinets are the key and so is their look. There are numerous materials available — from wood to lacquer and glass finish. However, laminates still work best and, happily, the newer versions do not chip easily. To jazz up your kitchen, use snazzy waterproof removable wallpapers in geometric or floral patterns.


The Fun Part

The days of brown cabinets and black granite counters are over. Opt for light colours for a pretty summery look. For the various surfaces, choose 2-3 complementary or contrasting colours. For lighting, the humble tubelight is not the sole option anymore. Get an elegant wrought iron or a modern glass, crystal and steel chandelier. You can also opt for concealed LED lights and counter lights. Get a dimmer installed — bright for cooking and mood lighting for entertaining.