Dry Kitchen V/s Wet Kitchen

In what may be an emerging trend in urban Indian homes, the kitchen is slowly moving out of its confined space in the house as a section of consumers are buying premium kitchen appliances to make a lifestyle and fashion statement. White goods makers say a growing number of homes in the metros and large cities like Gurgaon ,Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad are creating a separate dry kitchen in the living room, or even attached to the bedroom, for light cooking, distinctly separate from a wet kitchen meant for regular cooking and dish washing.


The real meaning of the whole wet and dry kitchen is actually having 2 part of kitchen (not to separate one at the backyard and one the house kind of thing) Just the kitchen has two section.


First, dry kitchen is  where you do all the not so messy stuff or drier stuff like making sandwiches, baking cakes, cut fruits, toast your bread kind of thing. A dry kitchen typically includes a side-by-side four-door refrigerator, wine conditioner, coffee machine, warming drawer, steam oven, hobs and hood. It is cleaner and need less clean up. Therefore most of the time this part didn't consist any kitchen sink. Some people still put a small sink just for hand-washing or knife cleaning. Usually it doubles as family dining room or breakfast table. It has a little bar table and maybe even a TV for entertainment or for mom to watch to cooking channel.


And Second, the wet kitchen is the messy, greasy part of the kitchen, it has a large kitchen sink for dish washing, a dishwasher, and of course the all the oven and stove. This is where you butcher your chicken, meat and cut up fish. Things that need a lot of clean-up. Hence the name 'wet'.

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life - Louis Parrish