Modern Kitchen Rules

Modern Kitchen today seem to exert a gravitational pull on family & friends. Therefore it makes sense to plan a Modern kitchen as a part of overall design approach to a home rather then as an isolated element.This part of house is usually the centre of activity in the household. In today’s lifestyle it is a place where both host and guest spend a lot of time. 


Although it is followed from ages but doesn't mean you need to conform a rustic look when it comes to modern kitchen design.A tight and cramped kitchen doesn't suit today’s trends of living but there are plenty of them around. Renovating them is not always possible as modern kitchens are not only different at designing level but also different at planning and location level. So sometime it is better just to start again.


Modern Kitchen needs to be simple and functional to match the uncluttered, contemporary lines of the house. Square edged counters and cupboards on interior walls helps to retain the modernist look. One can reflect the era by using of glass and stainless steel extensively. Tiles can be replaced by back painted glass lines, fixed with stainless steel studs. A central island table with Steel legs and modern cooking hob contribute a light and floating effect. It is both a large workplace as well as a gathering area for family. An open view to garden or pool can multiply pleasure of cooking and dining.


Timber used throughout the house should also incorporated in modern kitchen. The custom-designed cabinetry helps soften the crisp look of stainless steel. Eucalyptus can be used on it as a reference of 1970s design. The kitchen can further softened by pale green, milky-toned walls and ceramic tiles floors. Granite can be replaced by synthetic counter tops or stainless steel finish. Using of wood over ceiling can connect the area from top to bottom.


Simple clean colors and lines combined with well organised cabinetry make a small kitchen look larger than it island also make it highly efficient and functional. Modular accessories is a essential part of modern kitchen in trend but one should kept in mind its usage before taking final decision. There should be a proper arrangement for dustbin near chopping area. Containers of salt and spices should be close to hob. There should be proper moving space in cooking area and some open space should be left for placing vegetables and fruits. Drawers make modern kitchen usage more elastic and they are of great usage. Light is another essential element of kitchen. Proper lighting gives a modern kitchen a neat and tidy look and also increases working pleasure. Big windows covered with roller blinds can bring day light in and gives a modern look too. A skylight has additional benefits as it not only increases modern kitchen beauty but also does not waste valuable space of walls.