Elica Hobs in Gurgaon

Since 2013 our company has been a distributor of all the products of the Elica and currently we are the largest distributor of the Elica in Gurgaon. Elica has wide range of Built in hobs in Gurgaon market with the stainless steel finish and tempered glass. The burner comes in wide-ranging options like European burners, MFC, SABAF, Indian brass burners etc. European burners are not suited to Indian Kitchen where as Elica MFC Brass Burner Built in Hobs is aimed to suit Indian cooking style. Indian cooking is very atypical where the temperature of oil is very important to make a perfect tadka into the dishes. To make roti or parantha or deep fry requires the precise temperature and exact flame. Although Built in Hobs has brought in a good revolution in Indian modular kitchen, but the European Burners used in Hobs cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking. Keeping in mind this fact Elica have launched Cooktops with Indian Brass burners, to prepare a perfect Indian meal. But, Elica MFC burners are highly effective for daily use and avoid wastage of gas hence safe for Indian kitchens. 


 Elica Hobs are convenient to install and comes with abundant specification like corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, excellent finishing, chic and ergonomic designs and high durability. With all these specification makes cooking a great experience.

 Generally, Elica hobs come with FFD preference (Flame Failure Device) that cuts off the gas supply when the flame is cut off thus preventing the emission and leak of gas. Thus, this makes Elica hobs premium quality with the option of FFD it provides a secure enjoy & safe cooking experience to people.

 Elica hobs are specifically designed to bring hassle free environment in kitchen by creating a pleasant & easy-to-use cooking experience. Elica hobs are easy for installation and are manufactured using leading-edge technology.

 Elica built in hobs are available in two options one is anti-scratch stainless steel and the other is Satin surface Stainless steel. All Elica Built in Hobs have a feature of auto electric ignition .They are offered in Metallic and Digital colours also and in a very thin designs.

 All Elica Built in Hobs are responsive, energy saving, beautifully designed with new innovative expertise, respect for environment & the best part is its value for your money.

 Elica MFC Built in hobs is a new product in terms of designs, aesthetics & technology just for the Indian market. Elica MFC hobs are manufactured with superior material and controls to make sure safety. Elica MFC built in hobs are appropriate fit for Indian Hi flame and Simmer cooking style. Elica MFC Brass burners hobs are highly efficient and energy saving.

Elica hobs are designed in the manner that it uses the precise temperature needed for cooking meals in the kitchen by the means of gas fuel and thus avoiding wastage of gas. It works on both natural gas and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). There is also an availability of different number of burners ranges from two to six (2-6) in order to intricate the demands of different kitchen setup. The Elica Built in Hobs will make your cooking experience valuable as it saves your time & energy by cooking instantly. Get Elica Hobs in Gurgaon whether its MFC brass burners or Indian Cooktops just contact us by phone 0124 404 0808 or by visiting our showroom located at shop MGM Kitchens & Interiors SCO-310, Sector 29 Gurgaon, Haryana 122009 as we are the authorised dealer for elica chimney in Gurgaon.