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The basic elements of any traditional or modular kitchen, is the stove and the chimney. They not only enhance the overall look of your kitchen but also add up to the functionality of the kitchen. There are two types of kitchen chimneys -convectional and contemporary. The convectional chimneys are purely for practical uses, while the contemporary ones are designer and add to the style quotient of the house as well. Residue and smoke rising out of the cooking area are harmful to health as they can hamper your breathing. Chimneys effectively throw them out of the house and thus restore your health. Kitchen chimney set up assures an enjoyable smelling and smoke free area. Kitchen chimney with good suction capacity is a benefit for the kitchen where a lot of steaming and frying of food is done. Kitchen chimney is a must have for you. It is always best to seek advice from professional, accredited & reputable company concerning for extended long lasting final results.

There are mainly two types of chimneys available in the market, so you can select it as per your design of your modular kitchen. It will depend squarely whether your designer has given the cooking on the island or not. Below are the following types of chimney:

1. Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney: These types of kitchen chimney are often found in Indian homes as they are fitted against the wall. Following are the different suction power of kitchen chimney 800 m3/h – 1400 m3/h. This will depend on the ducting pipe, kitchen volume size and open or close kitchen.

2. Island Kitchen Chimney: These types kitchen chimney hanged from the ceiling of your kitchen. These kitchen chimney are more expensive than wall mounted and also gives more of exclusive and unique design to kitchen. Moreover, one can place domino's on the island with a breakfast table. The price for these cooker hoods varies from Rs. 33,000 – Rs. 1,99,000 and suction power ranges from 800 m3/h – 1200m3/h.

There are 2 types of filter in kitchen chimney :

1. Aluminium Mesh Filters: These filters are the actual household filter mostly used in European countries. They are also known as mesh filter. They will have 6 to 7 layers in the filter which Basically used by most of the brands, easy to maintain though needs to be cleaned every 7 days.

2. Baffle Filters: These filters are generally used in commercial kitchen due to heavy cooking and oils used. Now days most of the top brand are selling only baffle filters as they are more practical and useful. As Indian cooking involves a lot of frying, grilling and tadka which eventually needs easy to clean filters. These filters are to be cleaned once or twice a month.

Below is the different shape, design and price available in kitchen chimney:

T – Shaped Kitchen Chimney: The T shape design make your modular kitchen feel more modern and practical. The chimney will be equipped with a baffle filter or mesh filter depending upon the model and brand. Price point starts from anywhere between Rs 9,990 to Rs 39,990/- depending upon the suction, controls, lights etc.

Glass Shaped Kitchen Chimney: These kitchen chimneys will have glass over the filter area. There a lot of option in glass chimney like curved, straight line etc. The glass in the kitchen chimney are easy to clean & maintain. Price point starts from anywhere from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 49,990/-

Inclined Kitchen Chimney: These are vertical chimney with aslant looks which are very much in trend. Generally, these kitchen chimney will have single aluminium mesh filter. Price varies from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 49,990/-.

Pyramid Kitchen Chimney: These are initial look chimney design models which price ranges from Rs 7,000/ to Rs 17,000/-

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