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The basic elements of any traditional or modular kitchen, is the stove and the chimney. They not only enhance the overall look of your kitchen but also add up to the functionality of the kitchen. There are two types of kitchen chimneys -convectional and contemporary. The convectional chimneys are purely for practical uses, while the contemporary ones are designer and add to the style quotient of the house as well. Residue and smoke rising out of the cooking area are harmful to health as they can hamper your breathing. Chimneys effectively throw them out of the house and thus restore your health. Kitchen chimney set up assures an enjoyable smelling and smoke free area. Kitchen chimney with good suction capacity is a benefit for the kitchen where a lot of steaming and frying of food is done. Kitchen chimney is a must have for you. It is always best to seek advice from professional, accredited & reputable company concerning for extended long lasting final results.



You can consult and choose from a wide variety of chimney and hoods available at “MGM Kitchens & Interiors” in Gurgaon. We have various sizes and models from top brands, such as Fisher & Paykel, Elica and more. Just visit our showroom & browse through our collection of modular kitchen chimney & hoods and choose them as per the design and layout of your kitchen.