Kitchen Sinks in Gurgaon

Granite Expression for Modular Kitchen Sinks in Gurgaon

A kitchen sink is not just a kitchen sink any more. While you will spend a lot of time selecting the best looking countertops, a large part of your actual time in your modular kitchen will be spent working around the kitchen sink and faucet. The Kitchen sink plays a very vital part in one’s modular kitchen. If you are a house wife, surely you would know as to how much important it is to have a good quality kitchen sink. The amount of chores that are done in the kitchen like washing of the utensils, large trays, peeling, washing & cutting of the vegetables, utensil drying and dishes to be kept from last night dinner party, all is done with the help of kitchen sinks.

Before buying a kitchen sink one must check all the pros and cons of the type of sink you handpicked for your modular kitchen. There are various different qualities of materials to choose from, different structures and a countless of actual sizes. There is an answer for everyone and every situation. Basically kitchen sinks should be tough, convenient and easy to wash as well as visually beautiful. Buying a granite kitchen sink is an optimal in terms of its durability, aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Though durability is the only reason why many clients prefer granite kitchen sinks for their modular kitchen.

In Gurgaon market you will find a lot of different designs and configurations of granite kitchen sinks. One can select granite kitchen sink according to their modular kitchen so that it maximize its effectiveness and practicality. Generally, at MGM Kitchen we prefer single bowls for people who use the dishwasher but most of the households in Gurgaon don’t have dishwasher so we recommend double bowls for people that frequently rinse or wash their dishes by hand. Though with double bowl sinks, you also need to ensure that the faucet reaches both drains adequately.

Also Granite kitchen sinks are heavy in weight and therefore needs good support under it. Make sure you have an adequate support structure before installing a granite kitchen sink. Granite kitchen sink is strong and long lasting and therefore a sustainable choice for a kitchen sink. Also granite sink doesn’t fade over time unlike other materials. The color of granite is consistent into its deep layers. Natural granite stone give an elegant décor touch to your modular kitchen. To make it look more unique, use similar color granite countertops so that the sink can easily blend with it. The price of granite sinks in Gurgaon may differ from designs, shapes, quality and finish.


Now, following are some different types of Granite Kitchen Sinks in Gurgaon to choose from:

 Granite Kitchen Sinks - These are made from granite, which is strong, sturdy and easy to clean. Various types of granite kitchen sinks are available in configuration, colors and sizes that can be matched with same looking granite counter tops of your modular kitchen.

 Granite Composite Kitchen Sinks - Well-defined as hard composite, these sinks are actually manufactured from a mix of materials of which up to 80% is granite and rest an acrylic resin. Under very high pressure, the two are mixed to produce a very strong end product .They are better than normal granite sinks as they are more durable and strong.

 Black Granite Kitchen Sinks - If one select black granite kitche sink it adds a statement to your modular kitchen. These sinks go very well with any color or design to match with in your modular kitchen. Black granite kitchen sinks are admired because of their rustic look and their elegant style which no other color can give.


So, get kitchen sinks in Gurgaon whether its Granite or Stainless Steel just contact us by phone 0124 404 0808 or by visiting our showroom located at shop MGM Kitchens & Interiors SCO-310, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122009 as we have the exclusive display gallery for Carysil Sinks in Gurgaon.


Single Bowl with Drainer, Granite Kitchen Sinks Design by Carysil

SIINK860 mm x 500 mm
BIG BOWL365 mm x 424 mm x 200 mm
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One Big Bowl with Drainer, Granite Kitchen Sinks Design by Carysil

SIINK1000 mm x 500 mm
BIG BOWL480 mm x 430 mm x 220 mm
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One & Half Bowl with Drainer, Granite Kitchen Sinks Design by Carysil

SIINK1000 mm x 500 mm
BIG BOWL365 mm x 424 mm x 200 mm
SMALL BOWL145 mm x 280 mm x 140 mm
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Polo Double Bowl with Drainer, Granite Kitchen Sinks Design by Carysil

SIINK1160 mm X 500 mm
BOWL330 mm x 430 mm x 210 mm
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