Modular Kitchen Layout

Main components of a Modular kitchen Layout

One can plan and design their own modular kitchen layout or hire an interior designer. A modular kitchen layot should have these mandatory sections like cabins, chimney, shelves, cabinet shutters, fittings, drawers and voluminous place and a dish washer.It normally takes 2-3 days to install a modular kitchen depending upon the size and area you require. There are several types of Modular Kitchens  layout ranging from simple and plain wooden cabinets to high gloss kitchens. The common modules of today’s Modular kitchen include shutters, carousels, pull-out units, storage units, corner cabins, kitchen cabinets, chimney, shelves etc with various styles.


 A kitchen is considered as the heart of a home. This is the place where the lady of a house spends most of her time doing chores. Everyone desires to have a classy and urbane kitchen, as that’s the only place for the storage of food. In order to make your kitchen livelier and cool, one can prefer the concept of a modular kitchen. It is the contemporary concept of a kitchen with sleek designs and pervasive features. There are various styles in which one can design their modular kitchens.


Kitchen interiors can include an array of furniture like chairs, tables, racks and closets. Contemplating the various kinds of kitchen furniture in today’s date, the dreary culinary place is renovated into swanky attention-grabbing place. Here are few important steps to have your own modular kitchen;


Types of modular kitchen Layout

Based on kitchen room layout there could be multiple shapes of a Kitchen. Few common modular kitchen layout /shapes are as below :

Crystal style modular kitchen Layout:
G shaped style modular kitchen Layout:
U shaped style modular kitchen Layout:
C shaped style modular kitchen Layout:
L shaped style modular kitchen Layout: