Modular Kitchen – U shaped style

  • U Shaped Kitchen Layout
  • U Shaped modular Kitchen
  • U Shaped modular Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is made up of three walls, It consists of work space on three adjoining walls, two parallel walls perpendicular to a third.The U-shaped kitchen is the most versatile layout for kitchens of all sizes because the layout offers continuous countertops and ample storage that surround the cook on three sides.U-shaped designs work equally well in small and large spaces.In larger kitchens, this floor plan is spacious enough to be divided into multiple work stations for cooks to easily prepare a meal together without getting in each other’s way.While in less-roomy kitchens, you can really utilize the area when cooking, as this compact design means everything stays within easy reach.U Shape modular kitchen is a design where two people can work freely without interfering their working zones because of availability of plenty of area to move around. U Shaped modular kitchen is also good for storage as this type of design have lots of ample space to work around with the accessories and appliances.


U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Benefits

  • Efficient for a small, medium or large kitchen space
  • Can easily divide the kitchen into multiple work sites
  • No through traffic to disrupt work zones
  • Lots of counter space
  • Wide "U" can support a kitchen island