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Siemens long established brand in India for past many years and they pride themselves on being at the innovative of technology with their design and innovation in kitchen appliances segment. Their exquisite collection of kitchen appliances offers the perfect balance between the latest technology and eye-catching design, making them the perfect choice for every lifestyle. Their New iQ700 Series has some of the beautiful built in ovens, microwaves, coffee machines, com-bi steam oven, built in hobs and chimney hoods which will not only enhance the look of your modular kitchen but will also fit seamlessly and will give you perfect cooking every time. Siemens, of course, also have a series of dishwashers, fridges and washing machines as you may want to equip your whole modular kitchen with this superb brand.

MGM Kitchens has been selling Siemens kitchen appliances in Gurgaon for many years – alongside their sister brands Bosch. As a Siemens specialist we are able to offer you this superb quality range of kitchen appliances at competitive prices together with excellent expert advice as all our staff have years of experience within the industry and in particular of the Siemens range. Get Siemens appliances in Gurgaon whether its oven or steam oven or combi oven or kitchen chimney just contact us by phone 0124 404 0808 or by visiting our showroom located at shop MGM Kitchens & Interiors SCO# 310 , Sector - 29 , Behind Plazzio Hotel Gurgaon – 122009 as we are the authorized dealer for Siemens kitchen appliances  in Gurgaon.

Siemens Builtin Oven

The Siemens iQ700 appliance range has been designed with matching lines, making it simple to create a modular kitchen with a remarkable and consistent design. The Siemens newly launched iQ700 models are their top of the range ovens with trademark craftsmanship, and multiple functions designed for every cooking eventuality. Siemens cook Control plus function is perfectly suited for those less confident cooks.

♦ Siemens 4D hot air cooking enables you to cook on up to 4 levels at the same time, resulting in evenly cooked food no matter where it’s placed in the oven. The innovate technology of the fan motor enables superb and even temperature distribution in the interior of the oven. Perfect for baking and roasting, 4D hot air distributes the heat consistently around the oven cavity. Cook your food on whichever shelf you wish and experience great cooking flexibility.

♦ In addition,The New Siemens iQ700 Built-in Appliance Range active Clean - Cook up a storm without worrying about the mess, now no matter how creative you get in the kitchen you can be happy in the knowledge that at the touch of a button you can get it clean again. The active clean function uses pyrolytic technology which heats the oven up to very high temperatures, turning all residues into a fine ash which can be wiped away with ease. Unlike before, the telescopic rails are pyrolytic proof so it’s never been keep the whole of your oven looking spotless.. 

 The New Siemens iQ700 TFT Touch display- It’s bigger, brighter and better – say hello to the new TFT Touch display Plus! The simple menu structure is easy to use and navigate, meaning you can use the oven to its full capacity and be fully in control of your cooking.

 Moreover, all of these ovens feature vario Speed technology, allowing them to cook your meals up to 50% faster, all without losing the flavor of your ingredients. And selected models also feature built-in sensors that detect exactly when you’re baking or roast is cooked, eliminating the guesswork so your meals turn out perfectly.

The hydro-baking setting of the iQ700 ovens retains the moisture generated by the cooking process, resulting in more succulent food. Perfect for baking bread, cakes and pastries, this setting enhances the consistency and helps to prolong the longevity of your baked goods. 


Siemens Coffee Maker

The Siemens new range of iQ700 coffee machines offer a wide range of hot beverages at the touch of button.The unique myCoffee option allows you to save up to 8 of favorite drinks. Whether you like a strong Ristretto or a frothy Cappuccino the oneTouch Function allows you to enjoy your favorite blend quickly and easily. Although, you can make cappuccino, espresso, latte, double cup, 2 cups at a time at the touch of a button. 

♦ Siemens Built with the finest materials, a Siemens coffee machine is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen and complete with the TFT Touchdisplay, it’s not only great to look at but easy to use too.

♦ In addition, the state-of-the-art and sophisticated Siemens iQ700 built in coffee machine delivers aesthetics and perfect aroma in the sleek, wall integrated design.

 The New Siemens iQ700 has urban built-in coffee bar is made with black or white glass and flat chrome plated steel trims. The modern plain design language is articulated by the modest display that starts only when something is brewing or about to be brewed, also in the central stainless rotary dial and crisp black opening with coffee jet, and nothing more. 

 The iQ700 equipped with Intenza BRITA filter to lessen water hardness, odor and taste prying ingredients. After each preparation, the piping system is completely flushed. The best part with Siemens iQ700 coffee machine is that the milk system is automatically flushed with each coffee made with milk or milk foam with an apt amount of effective burst of steam. Each container can also be detached and washed under running water. The milk frothier is dishwasher safe.


Siemens Microwave

It has never been this easy to keep an eye on everything. Thanks to the Siemens menu structure, which is optimized for convenient and easy to- use touch navigation, the new TFT Touch display is the most innovative and intuitive user interface available for an oven. Designed to serve one purpose: giving you full control.

In Siemens microwave there are three different design options - a compact 45cm microwave combination oven, and microwave ovens designed to be built into a wall cabinet. These Microwave ovens coordinate perfectly with any Siemens single oven. The models incorporating microwave feature sophisticated Innowave technology, which means improved efficiency and energy savings of up to 15% over traditional microwave technology.

♦ In addition, the lateral long-life LED lights illuminate the microwave evenly from all sides, so you can see your dishes in a realistic light. When you open the appliance door, the interior lighting switches on. If the door remains open for longer than five minutes, the cooking compartment lighting switches off again. For all operating modes, the cooking compartment lighting switches on and off automatically, at the start and end of any operation.

 The Automatic Door Opening function is available only when you activate it. You can also manually open the appliance door, even in the event of a power cut.

Grilling Function - 3 stage grill gives a perfect grill temperature control. It is ideal for smaller quantities. 


Siemens Hob

All Siemens gas hob burners can be ignited with one hand via the control dials. Simply push and turn, wait for a few seconds, then release – no separate ignition buttons necessary.

♦ For complete peace of mind, all Siemens gas hobs feature a Flame Failure Device, which cuts-off the supply of gas to the individual burner, should the flame be somehow accidentally extinguished. This ensures that no gas leakage can ever happen - applicable for all Siemens gas hobs and for each burner.

♦ Siemens gas hobs meet the increasing demand for high speed cooking, with wok burners delivering 3.3kW to 6kW of power. But power is nothing without precision. These hobs can be turned down to just 0.3kW – perfect for simmering or melting chocolate. For the ultimate in flexibility, our 6.0kW and 5.0kW burners are dual control – the inner and outer flame rings can be adjusted independently via a single control.

♦ The con-temporarily styled cast iron pan supports provide a sturdy and stable base for a pan of any size. They are also easier to clean and some models are featured with dishwasher safe pan supports.


Siemens Chimney

Most of Siemens hoods are fitted with compact, efficient and extremely quiet iQdrive motors which save up to 80% energy even while working at the highest suction level. The fan wheel and scroll housing is constructed to be as quiet during extraction operation, while maintaining a high airflow. 

♦ Siemens hoods are built with the Filter saturation indicator which makes sure that the hood continues to operate at full capacity by reminding you to regularly clean the filters. The display promptly indicates when the grease filters or the activated carbon filter are saturated and needs your attention. 

♦ In addition, the softLight dimmer function allows a gentle fading in and out of the lighting avoiding any unexpected luminance. The atmospheric lighting provides for a very comfortable kitchen ambience.the state-of-the-art and sophisticated Siemens iQ700 built in coffee machine delivers aesthetics and perfect aroma in the sleek, wall integrated design.

 The New Siemens iQ700 has urban built-in coffee bar is made with black or white glass and flat chrome plated steel trims. The modern plain design language is articulated by the modest display that starts only when something is brewing or about to be brewed, also in the central stainless rotary dial and crisp black opening with coffee jet, and nothing more. 


Siemens Dishwasher

In Gurgaon everyone is working with busy lifestyles, so it requires time-cutting measures especially when you are tired after coming home from work. Siemens varioSpeed helps to speed up the necessary domestic tasks of washing and drying utensils. By selecting the varioSpeed option in the Siemens dishwashers, it will run its normal programme in half its usual time, with the same cleaning and drying efficacy. Basically wash and dry twice as fast with one touch of the varioSpeed button.

♦ Great comfort on all levels: varioFlex Pro baskets and varioDrawer Pro With its various foldable and flexible tines, the new varioFlex Pro baskets and varioDrawer Pro provide maximum flexibility and plenty space for all your utensils and cutlery. In the new and improved dishwashers, thanks to the glass holders in the top basket, wine glasses will easily find a right and stable place. Bigger utensils will find ample space in the bottom basket of the Siemens dishwaser. With Siemens dishwasher loading the dishwasher has never been as easy and comfortable.

♦ More brilliance at the touch of a button: Shine & Dry option when selected will help dishes and glassware come out exceptionally sparkling clean with perfect shine by raising the temperature and extending the drying time, for a special gentle drying process. The Shine and Dry cycle results in shining glassware, sparkling pots and pans and stain free super dry cutlery and crockery. 

 In addition, Now it is also possible for fully-integrated models to see when the dish-washing cycle will be completed. The time Light projects the cycle status and time remaining, on the kitchen floor to let you know a wash cycle is running and about the progress.

 The The New The intensive Zone option makes cleaning of soiled pots and fragile glasses together possible. It generates more spray pressure in the lower basket so that the most stubborn soiling is taken care of, while the top basket remains unchanged. A perfect dishwashing result is guaranteed even for mixed loads.

 Make every wash an eco-friendly one, by visualizing the indicative energy and water consumption for each wash cycle on the display. 


Siemens Fridge

The Siemens freshProtectbox is impeccable for storing fish, meat, cold cuts, poultry and drinks. It is an additional drawer within the fridge with a maintained 3 temperature settings depending on the contents - choose 0°C for fish, 2°C for milk products, or 4°C for fruit and vegetables. The aCool range features the versatile freshProtectbox drawer, where the temperature can be controlled independently from the rest of the fridge compartment. 

♦ Siemens in-door ice and water dispenser is very useful feature. The lavishly suitable in-door ice and water dispenser makes chilled water, crushed ice and ice cubes at the touch of a button.

♦ In a Siemens hydroFresh compartment you can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer as air inside the compartment will be kept moist and can easily control the humidity level in the fridge by simple slide control panel.

♦ The Siemens easyLift was designed with adaptability in mind. The height-adjustable easyLift glass fridge shelf lets you store more and bigger items quickly and easily. The shelf can be elevated or lowed by 6cm easily with single hand - even when it’s fully loaded with heavy items. You can adjust the lower shelf or top shelf depending upon your need for storage.

 In every house hold there is an issue of smell within the fridge but with the Siemens airFresh filter, the days of smelly fridges are long gone. Siemens airFresh filter is a combined carbon filtering net, with a special honeycomb surface, minimise odours by cold air that is circulated around the fridge and resulting in less taste contamination from strong smelling foods.

The Siemens multiAirflow system consistently distributes cold air all around the refrigeration compartment, ensuring a persistent and even temperature on all levels of the fridge. When you recently add food items to the refrigerator, it cool 40% faster than a standard regular fridge - and with not as much of humidity plus no condensation build-up.